Magic: The Gathering MtG Disenchant Mirage Global Set



Mirage was released in early October 1996 and contained 350 cards. English cards had a US and a Belgium version and were printed with a different ink than previously. The surfaces tended to become sticky and catched dirt easily. Probably because of that, all versions exist in two print runs, which can be determined by the coloring. In the first print run, the backs' ovals have a orange hue rather than brown.


The first American print run was significantly darker than all other languages. One English front cut variant with Belgium coloring on the front and USA coloring on the back exists, which probably represents the second US variant.


Card layout changes:


— the card faces were digitally overworked — the widened text box introduced first in Japanese 4th Edition was continued

— the copyright lines of English Mirage cards have a wider word spacing than the foreign versions